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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the parking situation?2021-08-03T15:31:58+00:00

We have plenty of street parking in front of our building as well as two parking lots and a parking structure across the street. There are posts for 2-3 hour parking and all parking is FREE. If you are planning to stay after 9pm (at night), the city charges $5 flat rate only on Thursdays thru Saturdays.

Are there parking passes?2021-08-03T15:32:04+00:00

We have limited parking passes, prioritized for our full-time dedicated members. If we have any additional left, you can borrow the pass for the day by leaving your ID with our Community Manager.

These parking passes just prevent you from having to move your car every 2-3 hours, however, all parking is still free.

What is your cancellation policy for bookings?2021-08-03T15:32:34+00:00

Depending on the length of notice, you will be charged a percent of the booking as a cancellation fee. When a booking is cancelled 48 hours in advance, a 0% cancellation fee is applied. Between 48 hours and 36 hours in advance, a 25% cancellation fee is applied. Between 36 hours and 13 hours in advance, a 50% cancellation fee is applied. Less than 13 hours in advance, a 75% cancellation fee is applied.

For first time users, we offer a chance to give you credit for your reservation to come another time in the future.

How does 24/7 access work?2021-08-03T15:32:26+00:00

Our members have very flexible schedules so we offer 24/7 access and extended access past 6pm, however, extended times need to be requested in advance. Generally, when the last person is headed out for the day they lock up the office and need to know the closing procedures. Give our Community Manager a request for this access and we’ll help set you up with everything you need to know.

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