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On-demand office solutions for business professionals, digital nomads, and travelers alike.

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Meeting Rooms

Conference Room – $55

Need a projector for your sleek presentation during your training or a private room to meet with a few colleagues to work out some details on a project? We have you covered.

Fits between 4-16 people comfortably with tables and chairs. A theater-style setup (no tables, only chairs) can fit up to 20 people.


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Our software makes it easy for you to manage all your bookings with peace of mind. Your meeting is running longer than you expected? Easily extend your time through our portal.

Cancellation Policy: When a booking is cancelled 48 hours in advance, a 0% cancellation fee is applied. Between 48 hours and 36 hours, a 25% cancellation fee is applied. Between 36 hours and 13 hours, a 50% cancellation fee is applied. Less than 13 hours, a 75% cancellation fee is applied.

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Meeting Room – $25

Need to meet one-on-one or with a small group? Lucky for you, our small meeting room has a whiteboard, two desks and it seats 2 to 4 people comfortably.

The room has a close-able door and blinds for private meetings or interviews.


Hourly & Day – $6 : $35

You’re at your usual cafe working, but it’s gotten too busy & loud. Take a break from the noise – with $6 an hour or $35 for the day you’ll get the quiet & focus you need. Are you ready to be more productive in half the time?

FourPack Plan – $125

You have a pretty good balance between working at home & using a shared office space. Here’s to having a back up office four times a month, when your family visits or when your WiFi is being wacky.

EightPack Plan – $195

You’re working on a big project this month and you’re looking for a reliable source of wifi. The EightPack gives you the option to come in any 8 days of the month without needing to commit to a monthly contract.

Freelance Plan – $250

You can finally convince your boss to get you on a part time work-from-home schedule. How? Pro Desk has everything you need without your coworkers interrupting your flow of work to micromanage the project. Come in 12 days a month split any way you need to fit your schedule.

Pro – $350

You’re starting to launch a business idea and in need of a full-time office. Be at optimal productivity with unlimited days, AND 6 hours in our meeting rooms. We also have an optional add on for 24/7 Access Keys!

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Exec Plan – $450 (4 OUT OF 10 AVAILABLE)

You’re a busy professional, you spend a lot of time on discovery calls and consultations. Take the full package – unlimited days, dedicated desk, 24/7 Access Key AND (the best part) 14 hours in our meeting rooms. All for one affordable price.


Annual $270 & Bi-Annual $150 Mailboxes

We offer private mailboxes, more reliable and secure than P.O. boxes. No need to worry about using your home address for your business or those pesky missed deliveries. If you are a solopreneur or a small business with no business location, then this is perfect for you!

If you’re using one of our private mailboxes and you’re a little too far to come into our office, we provide mail forwarding just for you! In case you need your mail immediately, we will securely scan your mail directly to you.

Monthly Mailbox – $70

All mail will be delivered to our location in Fullerton, and we will ensure that your mail is available for pickup immediately after it is received. Packages will be available for pick-up at the front desk.

You can also send outgoing mail through us. Outgoing mail pick-up for USPS is at 11:00am every week day, and you can also make an appointment through UPS to schedule a mail pick-up at Pro Desk Space.

Our Team

I have a never ending curiosity in all things mechanical, engineering, and application development. You can always find me working on a new project.

Jorg, Application Developer

Working with Jorg at Pro Desk has flown by quickly and it’s great to be able to help fellow companies, startups, and remote employees by creating a high level of productivity on a budget.

Eventually I want to become a digital nomad & rule as an email marketer, but for now I live vicariously through other nomads I meet in the office 🙂

Samantha, Community Manager

How it Started


Jorg Gaubmann is on top of things at Pro Desk Space but he doesn’t mind leaving his chair to learn a thing or two from his members.

He is originally a software developer and an IT consultant based in California. A freelancer himself, Jorg recognized the challenges of working alone at home which inspired him to create the perfect work environment – a coworking office where freelancers, entrepreneurs and individuals with similar goals can work separately or collaborate with each other to generate brilliant ideas for the benefit of all.


Andy Caro has spent time in the manufacturing industry as well as the construction industry with successful companies. He is currently working with one of the top precious metals refineries in southern California. Andy is a creative individual who thinks outside the box and is always looking for new opportunities. He clearly sees the need for affordable and collaborative workspace and feels that this model will benefit many individuals.

Contact Us

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Call or Text (714) 988-2943




112 E. Amerige Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

Admin Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring food and what are your catering options?

Yes, food is completely fine. We have a kitchen area that is usually stocked with snacks, water, tea, and coffee. We allow our guests to set up their own catering and food arrangements.

Where can I park?

We have plenty of street parking as well as two parking lots and a parking structure across the street. If you want to park for the entire day, you can go a block down the street and park near the church on the corner of Amerige and Pomona. Make sure to watch out for signs! If there are none, you’re good to park for the entire day.

What are your meeting room amenities

Large Conference Room Includes: 120″ LCD Projector, Apple TV, and HDMI connections, Bose Sound System, 4 Large Whiteboards

Small Meeting Room Includes: 1 Large Whiteboard, LED Dimmable Lighting

What are your general amenities?

25″ Computer Monitors, WiFi, Gigabit Network Infrastructure, Ethernet Ports, Color Laser Printer, Fax, Copier, Large Format Color Printer, 3D Printer, Comfortable Adjustable Office Chairs, Solid Metal Framed Work Tables, LED Dimmable Lighting, Comfortable Lounge seating, Bar Table Seating, Kitchen with Beverages and Snacks, Water Filtration System, Refrigerator & Microwave, Air Conditioning and Heating, Free Parking, Day Laptop Lockers, Mailboxes, Large 55″ LCD Monitor with Chrome cast

Can we get a refund on our cancellation?

Depending on the length of notice, you can receive a percentage of your reservation back as a refund. When a booking is cancelled 48 hours in advance, a 0% cancellation fee is applied. Between 48 hours and 36 hours, a 25% cancellation fee is applied. Between 36 hours and 13 hours, a 50% cancellation fee is applied. Less than 13 hours, a 75% cancellation fee is applied. For first time users, however, we offer a chance to give you credit for your reservation to come another time in the future.


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What’s the difference between admin & office hours?

If this is your first time as a user, we recommend coming in during admin hours so that our Pro Desk team can give you the 411 on office etiquette and show you all the amenities. Since everyone creates their own work schedule, we offer office hours, which means our location is open until the last person is done for the day and closes up shop. Bottom line? Our office hours vary so you should give us a call to confirm.