We offer brand new private mail boxes, more reliable and secure than P.O. boxes. We will ensure that you receive your packages safely and that outgoing mail is sent promptly.



envelopeUse our address as your business address

If you are a solopreneur or a small business with no business location, then this is perfect for you! Using our address as your business address will be more professional than using a P.O. box address.



Safe and reliable delivery


All mail will be delivered to our location in Fullerton, and we will ensure that your mail is available for pickup immediately after it is received. Packages will be available for pick-up at the front desk.

You can also send outgoing mail through us. Outgoing mail pick-up for USPS is at 11:00am every week day, and you can also make an appointment through UPS to schedule a mail pick-up at Pro Desk Space.

mail forwardingMail Forwarding & Mail Scanning

If you’re using one of our private mailbox’s and you’re a little too far to come into our office, we provide mail forwarding just for you!

In case you need your mail immediately, we have a solution for that too! We will securely scan your mail directly to you.




Mailboxes are included in our full-time memberships.

mail box

Still not sure about getting a private mailbox? Read more here: The Benefits of Using a Private Mailbox for Your Home Office

mailmanThis mailman could be delivering your mail to us

You know you want it!

Annual Mailbox


per year

1 year

1 Mail Forward + Postage

Mail Shredding

$5 Additional Forwards

$6 Mail Scanning

30 scans

Membership Perks

Our Members have access to a variety of workshops hosted at Pro Desk Space. Do you want to broaden your skills with SEO, programming, & web design (just to name a few)? If you’re interested in becoming a member, check out our pricing page! We offer flexible and affordable plans.

  • Valuable Workshops 
  • Community of Professionals
  • Special Networking Events 
  • Discounts on: Daily Rate, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Mailboxes

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