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Fullerton Art Walk

Pro Desk Space has been a participant in the Fullerton Art Walk for quite some time. Therefore, we are always looking for new artists to showcase in our space. So whether you’re an experienced artist with numerous exhibitions under your belt, or you’re an up-and-coming artist just starting out your career, we welcome everyone to our space. If you’re interested in seeing whether or not your artwork will fit in our space, you can also drop by and take a tour of our space.

How to Apply

Please email us at for more information on how to have your artwork featured at our space for the art walk!



Set-up and display is FREE and we charge 20% commission on all sales of pieces showcased at our space.


Other Requirements

There are no size or theme requirements, but we do suggest 24” or larger based on our wall space. Depending on the size of the pieces, we can fit about 8-10 pieces on one wall.

We currently have space available for our monthly art walk! (Updated: 1.06.2017)

Past Artists

Stephen Metzger

Professor at Fullerton College
Photo of Stephen Metzger

Biographical Info

I was born in Duluth Minnesota to parents who met at the Kansas City Art Institute. My Mother was there on a scholarship in sculpture and my Dad was studying commercial art on the GI bill. I grew up with art, began playing upright bass at the age of 10, and started painting the summer after my sophomore year in High School.

I worked as a musician after attending Fullerton College ( then it was Fullerton Junior College), and later while I attended Cal State Fullerton, studying art. After graduating with an MFA in 1986, I began teaching and working as an artist / musician/ teacher. I have been fortunate to have lived my life as an artist involved in music, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, painting and occasional excursions into other art forms. Primarily, I consider myself to be a musician-painter-explorer who could become more of a sculptor if the opportunity presents itself again. I have been fortunate to have completed four public sculptures. After a lengthy interest in non-objective “abstract” art, I began simply doing paintings of things that interested me. I take a lot of digital photos, look through them, and select the images I paint.

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