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Fullerton Art Walk

Pro Desk Space has been a participant in the Fullerton Art Walk for quite some time. Therefore, we are always looking for new artists to showcase in our space. So whether you’re an experienced artist with numerous exhibitions under your belt, or you’re an up-and-coming artist just starting out your career, we welcome everyone to our space. If you’re interested in seeing whether or not your artwork will fit in our space, you can also drop by and take a tour of our space.

How to Apply

Please email us at for more information on how to have your artwork featured at our space for the art walk!



Set-up and display is FREE and we charge 20% commission on all sales of pieces showcased at our space.


Other Requirements

There are no size or theme requirements, but we do suggest 24” or larger based on our wall space. Depending on the size of the pieces, we can fit about 8-10 pieces on one wall.

We currently have space available for our monthly art walk! (Updated: 1.06.2017)

Past Artists

Photo of Peter Lee
Fine Art Paintings, Custom Paintings, and Commissions
Work Phone: 714.788.1235

Biographical Info

My favorite mediums are oil and watercolor. As I live in Southern California, I love to capture local scenery – particularly beaches, harbors, street scenes, etc.  I also enjoy painting human figures in various settings. Occasionally I would stretch myself to any subject matters that catch my attention.

I’ve been painting since I was in kindergarten where I still remember my clothes were more painterly than the paper in front of me. My passion for painting has never ceased all my life, and nowadays I paint on a daily basis.

Most of my paintings are for sale, and I also take commissions to produce custom paintings of portraits, memorable places, and vehicles, and illustrative works for promotional materials, stationary. Interior, and children’s books.

Photo of Stephen Metzger
Professor at Fullerton College

Biographical Info

I was born in Duluth Minnesota to parents who met at the Kansas City Art Institute. My Mother was there on a scholarship in sculpture and my Dad was studying commercial art on the GI bill. I grew up with art, began playing upright bass at the age of 10, and started painting the summer after my sophomore year in High School.

I worked as a musician after attending Fullerton College ( then it was Fullerton Junior College), and later while I attended Cal State Fullerton, studying art. After graduating with an MFA in 1986, I began teaching and working as an artist / musician/ teacher. I have been fortunate to have lived my life as an artist involved in music, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, painting and occasional excursions into other art forms. Primarily, I consider myself to be a musician-painter-explorer who could become more of a sculptor if the opportunity presents itself again. I have been fortunate to have completed four public sculptures. After a lengthy interest in non-objective “abstract” art, I began simply doing paintings of things that interested me. I take a lot of digital photos, look through them, and select the images I paint.

Photo of Shirin Moosavi
Figurative Art

Biographical Info

Shirin Moosavi was born in Iran into an artistic family where painting, poetry and writing were a major part of life. Inspired by her uncle, she started oil painting in her early teenage years and taught herself through trial and error. At the age of 17, she produced her first illustrations for two children books in addition to illustrating stories in a children magazine.

She immigrated to the United States after graduating from high school and earned her Bachelors of Science to satisfy her interest in that field. Though she has been working in technology for many years, her passion for art remained strong and alive.

She has recently completed a Master’s degree in Fine Art at Laguna College of Art&Design. As a result she has been busy with illustrating children books, commissions for private collections and exhibits her painting.

Photo of Andrew Phillips
ASP Glass Designs
Work Phone: 562.697.1982 Website: ASP Glass Designs

Biographical Info

While his initial introduction to glass art started with a course in stained glass window making, Phillips quickly recognized that in order to be the best in this medium, he needed to learn more and from the best. He studied at Pacific Art Glass and under the tutelage of glass artists Roger Thomas, Dan Fenton, and Patty Gray.

From his La Habra, CA studio, Phillips diligently focuses on growing his body of work. His unrestricted uses of bold colors have given him the freedom of expression — unlimited and without any constraints. This freedom opens the door for him to experiment in creating his own variations. Never allowing the word ‘no’ to enter the possibilities with his glass, Dichroic then becomes his palate. In the process of mixing and matching colors, Phillips never knows what will develop.

In 2012, his work earned top honors at the Pacific Art Glass Festival and in 2013, received first place and honorable mention recognition in the 53rd Annual Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts.