The Latest Trend in Work Spaces: Coworking

The Latest Trend in Work Spaces:  Coworking

So…. For one reason or another, you find yourself looking for new work spaces.  Maybe you’ve recently been set free from the corporate dungeon.  Or you’re a maverick techy – a software developer extraordinaire.  Or a mom who’s just getting back into the workplace and finding that your new employer has down-sized the office and expects you to work off-site.   The fact is, for more and more workers, the office is not what it used to be and that trend is growing.

The prediction is that by 2020, 40% of all American workers will be independent contractors.  We’ve entered into a new era of working. An era where coworking spaces – communal work spaces open to the public – are taking up a growing portion of our American work-life.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits from utilizing these creative venues:

Connections:  When you set up shop in a public workspace, you’re going to automatically start meeting more people with whom it’s possible to collaborate and make profitable connections.  Coworking spaces are home to a wide range of professionals from a variety of industries that have expertise in their own fields.  Think of the positive effect of fresh insight and new ideas possible when you open your brainstorming up to outsiders with different experiences!

Shared Costs:  This one is valuable to many organizations, but may be most valued by companies in the ‘start-up’ mode.  In fact, it’s possible, says Nick Clark, founder of Dallas coworking space The Common Desk, says that a business could save up to 75% in total costs by opting for a communal office space.

Productivity:  All that fresh, outside influence also has a way of boosting productivity because it injects new life into a company culture.  71% of respondents described feeling more creative since joining a coworking space, and 62% said their work had improved. Many professionals who work in coworking spaces feel more self-confident in an atmosphere that encourages creative collaboration.

Shared Resources:  Not only are shared spaces affordable, but they are decked out with the latest and greatest amenities that make for an all-in-one office space.  In addition, most coworking spaces offer a variety of working styles that allow you to work however you prefer, at varying levels of comfort and privacy. From large tables, lounge chairs, individual desks, offices, to conference rooms, every area needed for a productive workplace is provided.

Coworking facilities are home to a range of organization types as well.


1. The Freelancer

When managers go independent, they lose their infrastructure, including social infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and health insurance. That all needs to be replaced and coworking facilities fill the void.



2. The Startup

Most startups exist in a gap someplace between ‘DIY garage hobby’ and a size where they’re financially ready to sign a lease. Coworking spaces offer a professional office where they can work and meet with clients without fear of tripping over an errant baseball mitt or being forced to sell their first born when sales are softer than projected and the rent is still due.

corporation3. The Corporation

Recent polls indicate that 80% of corporations are planning to increase their use of the flexible workforce in coming years and coworking spaces are how they plan to house those independent workers – to cut down commute times while still centralizing productivity.

research-scientist4. The Research scientist

Researchers (and other writers!) often struggle to find an environment where they can be creative and productive, while avoiding the isolation that comes along with their craft. Coworking spaces are stimulating environments that combat writer’s isolation, while allowing them the independence to generate ideas and accomplish their intellectual/creative work.

As in other markets, Orange County has also felt a need for more coworking locations.  One such recent entrant to the market is Pro Desk Space.  Located in downtown Fullerton, Pro Desk Space offers many of the advantages we’ve addressed in this blog including shared amenities, a variety of working options – from open tables to closed meeting spaces – even a large conference/ presentation room.  Affordable, clean, comfortable and friendly, Pro Desk Space’s work spaces are attracting a growing number of enthusiastic businesses.



Written By: Jorg Gaubmann

Images By: Mandy Wang

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